Women Traveling

Suddenly in the middle of our lives, it happened to us: all three of us discovered a dream we shared: to involve as many women as possible in the empowerment we experienced during our journey and to allow other women to follow this path, to dare and achieve their dreams…you are invited to share in the experience…

Riki (Rivika to the Indians) is married and the mother of three daughters. Graduate of the Academy of Music at Tel-Aviv University and has an MASTER degree in music therapy from Bar-Ilan University. Specializes in family counseling at Machon Shinui and counsels adolescents with mental disorders. Heads various projects involving organizing trips, performances and workshops in music and therapy. Currently weaves curiosity and a sense of adventure with culture and anthropology, therapy and female empowerment, integrating her professional specialties as well as her enterprise and organizational skills in the 'MasaNashi -Feminine Journey'.


Our Dream

Empowering the female experience by organizing tours and creating encounters with women from around the world, is MasaNashi main goal. The experience of globally meeting women from all walks of life, from diverse occupations and classes, in an open and direct dialogue, will expand the spectrum of possibilities, will deepen the internal understanding of each participant, thus enabling her to expose and empower her strengths.

The first tour leaving for India involves distancing the familiar daily reality for two weeks of freedom and relaxation, creating a recess that allows introspection and a re-examination of desires, hidden dreams, wishes and life values. This emotional challenge allows women to dare and allocate themselves resources, as well as to overcome the barriers of foreignness and coping with unfamiliar space, which strengthens each woman's acknowledgement of their own ability.

The tours will further focus on interests associated with womanhood: couples and marriage in local folklore, woman's status and place in society, fashion and its uses in various cultures, the meaning of makeup as a status symbol, jewelry, local foods, music, painting, movies, astrology, dance, etc.

The groups leaving on the tour are formed during a process that includes several unique preparatory workshops that are hosted by professionals specializing in therapy, art and local folklore of the target destination.

Please contact us at:

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